Which drumsticks should I buy?

If you are new to playing the drums you will need a set of sticks. Sticks are made by a number of different manufacturers and are available in different sizes and options and it can seem a bit daunting at first.

Buying a pair of lower quality sticks is really a false economy as they will feel nasty to play and are likely to chip and break.

Below are some links to Amazon for sticks I would recommend.

My recommendation for all beginner players is a set of 5A Vic Firth sticks:

Also in black

They are a good all-round size and are matched for weight and tone and should last a good amount of time.

A cheaper option is Nova sticks which are also made by Vic Firth in the 5A Size:

Also available in black

and Red!

For a quieter¬†option playing on an acoustic kit, I recommend Pro Mark’s Hot rods which are bundles of birch dowel which create a softer tone on the drums

As you develop as a drummer having different pairs of sticks can create different tones on the drums and it’s good to experiment. For more experienced drummers a stick bag is a must:

As is a set of good quality brushes:

and every drummer should have a practice pad to work on their technique and speed:

Other great sticks include the pro mark oak and firegrain sticks which in my experience last longer than normal sticks:

Vater also make some excellent sticks:

And Zildjian make some cool signature models like the Ringo Star, Dave Grohl, Travis Barker and Josh Dunn

Drum sticks to avoid:

Personalised sticks always seem like a great idea but they are usually made to quite a poor standard as are sticks by companies like Tiger or anyone selling a block of sticks for a cheap price. Light up sticks are a nice novelty but tend to not sound or feel good to play on the drumkit so only buy them as an addition to normal sticks.


I hope this article has helped please get in touch with me personally if you would like further advice!



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